I’ve always wanted to have a cooking blog, but was afraid to. There are so many brilliant ones out there, complete with amazingly well-lit food-porn photography, and then the fact that there’s even that phrase, food porn, which makes writing about food these days seem a little — or no, maybe, a lot — dirty and shameful. But if writing about cooking is dirty and shameful, Julia Child is the Marquis du Sade and Ruth Reichl is Hugh Hefner and Nigella Lawson is Colette and…the bald guy who eats the weird things on the Food Network is Larry Flynt. I also considered the fact that I’m not a great cook. I don’t follow recipes. I don’t measure. I throw things together, and if the end result tastes good, I’m more often that not surprised (and, surprisingly, more often than not, it does.) I decided that I don’t care. Half of the fun of reading cooking blogs is the sharing our little triumphs over adversity (like kohlrabi) — even Anthony Bourdain fucks up once in awhile, that’s what makes it interesting. That, and the smoking and swearing, I guess.

So that’s the cooking part. The rest of it is mostly just life.

What about me? I’m thirty. I’m from the Midwest. I’m trying to recover from my crazy twenties. I own many aprons. I work in the wine & spirits industry. I am afraid of flying, the Unsolved Mysteries theme music, and brussels sprout stalks.


I named the blog Scotch & Popcorn because it’s delicious (homemade popcorn, mind you, and single malt scotch of course). It’s a reminder, should you need one, to celebrate the frivolous things in life, which are sometimes absolute necessities.

I can assure you that it’s not going to be all about cooking, or even all about food, or even all about anything…but it will probably be entertaining.


I hope you enjoy it.


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