1. Almond Milk
  2. Dried figs
  3. KCSM, “the Bay Area’s jazz station”
  4. Share our Strength
  5. This
  6. The Fernet Flip with Fernet Leopold (of course)
  7. My new hair

This weekend I:

drove up to Summit County for work, drove back down the mountain, did another small event downtown, ran 3 miles outside, did some lazy elliptical, made mini Kir Royales, sold a lot of spirits, did some damage at the J. Crew outlet and Banana Republic 40% off sale, had delicious homemade cocktails with friends, went to the Boulder Tea House with Mom and Dad, bought many Christmas presents at , and, finally, had a mini Matt Damon marathon (Good Will Hunting + Syriana — oh so good)

Oh, and finally, this