So I’ve decided to do the Boulder Half Marathon.. I put together a training plan on Runner’s World this morning, and it seemed too easy. Is that possible? Am I fooling myself? I am the queen of putting in too many miles and burning myself out (I hardly trained at all for the SLC Half Marathon I did a few years ago, finished in under 2 hours, and then proceeded to stay in bed for two days and not run for months afterwards). It’s been a long, frustrating process getting back into running after taking a two-year hiatus, and I don’t want to burn myself out and mess that up. I think training for 18 weeks is very practical. I’d like to finish with a decent time (around 2 hours), while not feeling like crap afterwards.

Oats + almond butter + almond milk + greek yogurt + agave + Martha Stewart Living + Christmas tree = happy morning

Wash Park was lonely and the trail was snow and ice-packed this afternoon, but running wasn’t awful. It reminded me of being in the Tetons, doing crazy things (like hiking to the top of Mt. Glory at 5am) in the snow that I might never do again (but, then again, who knows?). Running in it is as crazy as it gets these days.

I decided to add a mile on to the normal loop, so I ventured into the adjacent neighborhood, relieved to run on dry, flat sidewalks. Losing focus on what I was doing, I started to think and worry about all the usual topics — work, finances, the future, whether I’ll ever meet Mr. Scotchandpopcorn, etc., etc., and as I was lost in these thoughts, I tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and fell flat on my face.

Focus is the word of the day, folks.

I’m so glad I didn’t get hurt (just skinned my knees and my hand, plus I’m feeling a little sore tonight). Last month I ended up in the emergency room and got a spider bite on my eyelid, so I’m all set with injuries, thanks!

After my run I went to Whole Foods and went on a vitamin spree. I’m a huge fan of Gaia Herbs, so I’m really excited about this . Their Stress Response is fantastic. As much as I am a hippie (on the inside), I’m always skeptical about the effectiveness of herbs and am usually pleasantly surprised when they work. Why is it still so easy to believe in Western medicine, even when when I know better, while remaining so skeptical about the alternative?

In other news, I feel like it’s January already. Changes are afoot. It’s a good feeling!

And this.